Tina Turner and Terry

It has been a quiet week here on board Distant Drummer. Why is it that the shortest month always feels like the longest, at least in the northern hemisphere? We have kept ourselves busy with indoor chores. Neil has been plugged into the internet for endless hours evaluating stocks and shares and fine-tuning our various portfolios. I have been writing a few articles and have a series being published in Yachting Monthly in April/May/June.


Crews from Distant Drummer, Lady Carolina and Libby

Last week was brightened up by a visit from Terry, a good friend who we last saw back in June last year departing Hanalei Bay, Kauai on board his yacht S/V Libby. He was looking for a slip for Libby in the southern Vancouver Island area so we had a day out with him visiting marinas, it’s interesting to note how few have moorage for boats larger than 50’. We stopped off in Maple Bay to see Carolina and Steve and their family – we’d all been together in French Polynesia and Hawai’i so it was great to catch up again and talk about old times and new plans.

On Thursday the moment I have been dreading finally occurred; there was a power failure across the top of the entire Saanich Peninsula. The airport and the ferry terminal switched to emergency power systems but not so Canoe Cove. It was out for sixteen hours and came back on at 4am the next morning. We were saved from a cold night by Buddy, our little propane heater which we had bought it in Alaska and had used it a few times for chilly evenings on anchor. It kept us warm and toasty in our cabin until we retired to bed with duvets, sleeping bags, rugs and hot water bottles.


Luisa Marshall doing Tina Turner

Last night we went to see a Tina Turner tribute band, hmm, yes . . . Neil was somewhat reluctant. The singer Luisa Marshall had a fluffy wig and a great voice and actually managed to look and sound like Tina. She also seemed to be able to replicate her expressions and personality and even managed the same bandy legged strut. We were among the youngest people in the audience (Sidney must be the pensioner capital of BC) but everyone was nodding and tapping and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. There was not much opportunity to get out of our plush velvet seats and shake our booty, much to Neil’s relief!

Keep smiling!



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