Propane Heater

Winter started for me on 24th June last year when we arrived in Alaska and I haven’t taken my thermals off since! The first order of business was to get some heating on board, it probably wasn’t actually that cold (not by Alaskan standards) but after Hawai’i it sure felt chilly. For when we were on shore power we purchased a new 115V fan heater as our old 230V one didn’t work up here. For nights on anchor we purchased a portable propane heater.


Buddy – our cute little portable propane heater

We call it Buddy and have used him at several chilly anchorages but he really proved his worth last Thursday night. There was a power failure across the top of the Saanich Peninsula and the power was out for sixteen hours. Buddy can run off a small 1lb (0.5L) gas cartridge but you can also buy a hose which plugs straight into a normal propane tank – very handy for boats which have propane for cooking on board anyway.


The hose to connect to a regular propane tank is an optional extra

On the high setting we soon had the cabin warmed up then switched to the low setting to maintain the temperature. The heater must be well ventilated as burning propane releases carbon monoxide. This lets in a bit of cold air but Buddy kept the cabin very cozy. It also releases water vapour so once the power came back on the next day I ran the dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture from the cabin.

Get more details about Buddy by clicking one of the link below to and if you decide to buy please remember to use our links!


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