One of the highlights of settling into Nelson has been Daphne, Maya’s dog (she was named after the blonde chick in Scooby Doo)! We take her out for a walk most days to the beach or for a walk along the riverbank or just to throw the Frisbee in the park. If you throw the Frisbee she’ll keep on catching it and bringing it back to you until your arm drops off!

She’s a Jack Russell/Hunterway cross. I was curious to know what a Hunterway was so I checked on the web and found out that it’s a New Zealand sheepdog. Apparently they are “excellent herding dogs, independent, and highly intelligent making them easily trained”. It’s true actually, she’s pretty smart, a real comic and loves to play.

Maya and Daf at beach




cuddly toy

duck watch

We took her on a boat trip to Adele Island over Easter. Initially she was a bit nervous about the boat movement especially during the night but she soon adjusted and was scampering around and throwing herself up and down the companionway. She enjoyed barking at the gulls – the Terrier of the Seas!!

Suzy and Neil

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