Boatyard Blues, Canoe Cove, Canada 2017


Canoe Cove boatyard

Since we got back the weather in Canoe Cove has been spectacular; spectacularly cold but spectacularly sunny too. Beautiful high pressure weather! I must admit that I did not appreciate it at first, the boat was freezing and Neil was wiped out with flu which kept him in bed for about five days. I got a few chores done but did spend quite a bit of time in the cabin with the fan heater. With plenty of time on my own and a good power supply I have become quite addicted to Downton Abbey! Yes really, whatever shortfalls the storyline may have, I enjoy the costumes and locations and Maggie Smith’s one liners – hilarious!

I keep feeling that I should wrap up warm and go out for a nice long walk in the glorious weather. However when every trip to the toilet or the showers involves just that, a nice long walk somehow loses its appeal! This morning, however, I have awoken from my frozen lethargy. As I descended the ladder for my early morning pee I noticed how pretty the sparkle of the ice crystals was in the low, morning sun. It was like Hallmark had dropped glitter on the boatyard scene! Hopefully it’s a sign that I have re-acclimatized to life on board on the hard!


California chic it ain’t!

I guess most people are still recovering from a week of excesses over the Christmas/New Year period and are feeling a little on the large side. Well multiply that by eight for the number of weeks we’ve been on holiday and you can imagine how we are feeling! I’ve been trying to get back into the routine of running again but it’s hard in this cold weather. The concept of a warm-up does not exist. I checked this out and apparently a good warm-up should increase the temperature of muscles to at least 40C when they will then work better. As the air temperature is currently less than 5C this could be a long time coming!

The warmest part of the run is just before I leave the cabin. Consequentially my legs are like lead at the beginning, the end and even in the middle of the run. They feel like they are locked in position so the only way I can move one in front of the other is the swing my hips and shift my body weight. Still it must be doing me good. Also sweating is not an option as it’s far too cold! But the strangest thing about running at low temperatures is the curious property of snot, it gets more fluid as it gets colder! How does that happen? Well, according to Wikipedia, we produce more mucus to warm and moisturize all the cold, dry air, so the nasal cavity doesn’t dry up, crack, and bleed – now you know! Still it’s another good reason for wearing long sleeves in cold weather!



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