About The Clan


We are Suzy and Neil Carmody and we’re the crew! It’s usually just the two of us, except when we pick up friends for a cruise. Neil’s the skipper most of the time and I do all the other bits (or the other way around!). Life on board Distant Drummer is totally what we had hoped for; busy but relaxed, living on our own schedule and in tune with nature and the weather.

DD sailing

Neil’s from Perth, W.Australia. He spent most of his previous life doing maintenance and construction in the oil industry. But these days if he’s not sailing the boat or lifting heavy things he’s playing the guitar or painting. Suzy’s a rock doctor from Devon, England. She worked in the oil business, firstly in London then in 1995 she left the UK bound firstly to Norway and then all over SE Asia. Our paths crossed in Brunei, we figured out life together on a boat was the life we wanted and started saving hard.

Suzy Neil

We found Distant Drummer in Phuket, Thailand in 2006. Neil lived on board for most of that year getting DD and ourselves ready to cruise. We left Thailand in 2007 and spent a beautiful year sailing through Indonesia, north and western Australia then down through the Great Barrier Reef and across the Tasman Sea to Nelson, NZ.


We spent 2008 looking after Maya, Neil’s daughter, who was 14 at the time. Many happy weekends were spent sailing in Tasman Bay, particularly to Adele Island and Torrent Bay. Maya’s now going on 21, living in Wellington and doing her last year at Victoria University.

2009 saw a temporary parting of the ways; Suzy and Neil reluctantly decided to return to SE Asia to refill the coffers after a disasterous GFC, and Distant Drummer stayed in Nelson Marina.

Getting back on the boat in 2014 felt fabulous. We spent six months in Nelson NZ getting sorted out and cruising in the Sounds and across the Tasman. Soon we will leave for French Polynesia for the 2015 season!

If you see us on the water sometime, give us a hoy!!

Suzy and Neil