It’s amazing how accustomed (addicted?) we have all become to having instant communication and access to information at our fingertips. I love the internet and wouldn’t want to be without it, well not for long anyway. As cruisers on a sail boat we spend days if not weeks without internet access but when we return to civilization I want to get connected and find out what I’ve missed!

Most marinas have wifi available but the coverage is frequently patchy. Here in Canoe Cove the signal deteriorates the further you are from the marina office and is non-existent in the boatyard. In the marina in Nelson, New Zealand we only got a good signal at high tide! I’ve no doubt RV/camping grounds have similar problems and even at home the signal may be better either upstairs or downstairs or it doesn’t reach the guest suite . . . or you want to tap into your neighbours’ unsecured wifi!

antenna-zoom2Ideaworks long distance wifi antenna made a huge difference and now we have a good reliable wifi signal.

Getting set up is easy. On the boat we need the antenna to be higher up so we strap the unit to the boom and feed the cable down the dorade into the saloon. Then you simply install the software on to your laptop from the CD provided, disable the wireless network connection (open network and sharing center and change adapter settings), plug the cable in to the USB port and connect to your wifi.

antenna-1No more frustration and we’re back in the “real” world!

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